Guest Art

Guest Art and Gifts

Selected pictures drawn for me by various artist from all around the world. Usually it's art of characters and designs I have created, be it fan or original characters. With some exceptions of course. While I have received a lot of great art over the years, I only want to showcase my absolute favorites. Partly due to limited space. Artists who have at least drawn three pictures I consider my favorites will get their own spot.


DA: Merokosart Pixiv: - tumblr: Nomnomroko

STUDIOTRUE (Whitney Truett)

DA: StudioTRUE Pixiv: - tumblr: The-Groan-Zone - FA: Uini

MISCELLANEOUS ARTISTS (In alphabetical order)

Anonymous | Battle_Franky | Beezebeora | Big-E6 | June | Khreis | Lapinstein | LunaMikogami | Nobuyuki | Pawsman | Shaedow4774

Commissions, Art-Trades & Requests

Selected pictures I have received either through commissioning an artist, or by trading art with one, or simply through requesting.

MISCELLANEOUS ARTISTS (In alphabetical order)


AtomicStoney | Eevee | F-Sonic | Shadowill