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Commission Info

Please do not ask for the following:
° Commissions
I do not seek any compensation for my drawings until I have raised the quality of my work.
There are a few unfinished commissions I must finish as well, so they are first in line.
Small scale commissions might be possible. In that case they will take priority.
° Art-trades
I do not feel confident enough to deliver a piece that is good enough to compensate for your time working on art for me.
° Requests
I simply won't find the time. If I can then I'll open it for practice.
° Group projects
I am simply not interested at the moment on long term projects.
° Job offers
There are so many talented artists on deviantART and elsewhere who are a better choice than me. I do not hold my work in high regard. Not to mention it is uncertain if I can fully commit to an artistic job and the required schedules.
° Patreon
Same as commissions, but also because I do not want to use fanart like so many others for some quick cash. I am not a fan of Patreon in general.
° Discord
I have not much interest in interacting with many people at the moment, neither do I need a channel of my own. This might change however.
° Streaming
Honestly I hated it. I just did some for a good cause and it wasn't even that well executed.