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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

It's a OC, Sherlock Hopps!

I've wanted to make a Zootopia fan character since april and it took some time to create a nice basic design. I'd say it's good enough to improve on, for future projects.

First I wanted to make it a ferret, but those are domesticated. But wait! Gideon's friend Travis is a ferret, isn't he? Oh well, I already changed my mind and turned it onto something similar: A stoat.

The female in paperboy outfit is from another idea I had for something different. I thought it'd be a nice fit for a Zootopia character and may be a reference to some of that movie's concept ideas. Speaking of references. I don't know about any popular stoat/ermine characters in other fiction except two. One is Erma Ermine from Archie Sonic (aka Bottomless the Sally) who did not play a part in the design of my fan character. The other is the adorable Hermione from Sherlock Yack. Gave me the idea to make mine fan of detective stories and noir flicks, which also fits into Zootopia. And of course her outfit.

My stoat is a adult tomboy named Faye. A slacker actually who only works when she feels like it (or has to). Bit of a sarcastic personality who doesn't want to achieve any greater goals. She likes rabbits...too much. She finds them adorable and easily loses focus when around a bunch of them. Not related or befriended with any official Zootopian, but might be a fan of Judy Hopps and Jack Savage (if he still is part of the canon as maybe Bond-type film legend).

That is all for now. I hope it's not too Mary-Sue or anything. Things will change until I come up with a reference, maybe even making her fur all beige.

Oh and the hat stays on!

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