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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Haven't touched a real pencil in, I think two years. Took some used paper with scrapped doodles to get slowly back into it.
Also scanning stuff is a pain.

Those two Silvers and Dash (the big one) were old doodles I continued. The rest is new.
A bit lewd. Blaze is the older finished up. Also no naughty bit because Sanics have non that'd be silly who would ever do that...
Another lewdie, another oldie, another no you perverts and so not canon that chest.
Hikari (the fox girl at the top) is the old one.
That doggy boy dog is not new. Now with 100% true Blaze flat and my first Tame Collar Nick.
Again, Hikari is the old sketch. Now with a fate worse than death and supa-supa-kawaii Judy Hopps(o). As well as thumbnails for the next sketch.
Request for /sthg/. There might be pants. Or not. Someone brave enough should find out for mobian science!
The Zootopia stuff for those allergic to Sonictism (why the hell are you then even looking at this blog?).

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